What is kratom?

What is Kratom? Is Kratom Safe? Is Kratom An Opioid? and more of your questions answered here...

What is kratom?  

Mirtragyna Speciosa - Kratom-  is a tree that grows in Southeast Asia that is in the coffee family.  Its leaves have been used for centuries for therapeutic purposes.  It has been discovered in the West in recent years and is gaining popularity all over the world.  The leaves of the kratom tree are dried in the sun and ground to a powder consistency.  We at Guru Kratom sell top quality kratom products.   This powder form is how it is used.

The name of each type of kratom that is marketed consists of two parts.   1) the color of the vein on the leaf of that specific kratom tree, and 2) the region that kratom tree is native to.

Each of the three main strains (white, green, and red) all have different levels of the active alkaloids that make kratom what it is. So, each strain has varying properties. 

How Do I Take Kratom?

Kratom powder can be used in capsule form or in its powdery form.  We at Guru Kratom sell unadulterated kratom powder that is potent and fresh.

The powder will disolve in any liquid that is warm to hot.  It just needs to be mixed in and consumed in that fashion.  So, many people will mix their kratom powder in their coffee or tea in the morning.  Of course, if a person is using red strains of kratom as a sleep aide before bed, they will want to use a non-caffeinated kind of tea, such as Chamomile or Decaffeinated Green Tea.  

Kratom powder can also just be mixed into a little warm or hot water, and then can be mixed into another kind of beverage, such as orange juice, a smoothie, whatever!

Is Kratom an Opioid?

Kratom is NOT an opiod.  It is a plant related to coffee.  However, when consumed, it fires on the same receptors in the brain that opiods do.  This means that pain is blocked in the same way that opiods block pain, but it is NOT an opioid. Instead, it is the ALKALOIDS in the plant that offer the effects desired.

Will a Drug Test Identify Kratom Use?

Drug tests used by law enforcement and all other traditional drug tests do NOT test for kratom (mitragyna speciosa).  

Where can I buy kratom?

Right here!  We sell great, clean, fresh and potent kratom..  We believe in the product we sell and take pride in offering quality kratom from a reputable source.

Mitragyna Speciosa