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We at Guru Kratom stand behind the purity and quality of our product.  We truly believe our kratom powders are the best UNADULTERATED kratom online. When you buy kratom powder from us, we offer FREE SHIPPING over $80 and guarantee same day shipping!   

About the Guru

our origins

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Guru Kratom was founded by people with a true appreciation for mitragyna speciosa.  Kratom is a botanical product that has changed our lives personally. This makes us uniquely passionate about our product!  We believe it is the BEST KRATOM ONLINE! 

our top quality kratom

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Our kratom is harvested using Fair Trade as a rule.  We only buy the best quality, purely organic kratom leaves and have them dried in the sun and ground to powdery perfection by the local farmers.  Another reason to buy kratom powder online from the Guru.  It's the best kratom online...and we offer FREE SHIPPING!

our promise to you

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We believe in our product not only in spirit, but in deed also!  If you are not satisfied with our kratom, we will issue your money back, no questions asked.  Another way that we stand behind our product as the BEST KRATOM ONLINE!

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